Whynow Partners with Overtune – The App That Allows Anyone to Become a Composer

Whynow and Overtune have today agreed a partnership that will enhance Overtune’s ambition to bring music creation to the masses.

Whynow Partners with Overtune – The App That Allows Anyone to Become a Composer

Founded in 2020 by Sigurdur Arnason, Jason Dadi Gudjonsson and Petur Eggerz Petursson, Overtune is a Reykjavík-based startup that’s leading the democratisation of social media music creation.

The Overtune app is incredibly intuitive, allowing anyone with a smartphone and even the most basic level of musical proficiency to arrange beats, record vocals and share music to their socials.

Until now, content creators had to rely on the library of music available on their social media platform of choice or be proficient in music production. Overtune’s app is helping to change that, opening up music-making opportunities to all, and establishing itself as the music creation tool for the content creator.

As a digital publisher, podcast producer and production studio, which launched in 2019, whynow will use its extensive creative audience to help carry out this vision.

Sigurdur Arnason, Co-Founder of Overtune said: “I am thrilled to have Gabriel and the whynow team on board at Overtune. In a few short weeks they have impressed me with their agility and startup mindset. I am thrilled to be working with one of the most exciting and growing media companies in Europe.”

Gabriel Jagger, founder of whynow said: “whynow is excited to have invested in Overtune, an Icelandic startup focused on democratising music creation. As partners in the platform we hope to help them reach new audiences and artists around the world.

“whynow is on a mission to tell the best stories in the arts and work with amazing talent in the creative industries, and Overtune will help in this mission.”

The two companies are working closely together to ensure that anyone with an ear for music is able to create something unique and personal to them for their social media posts and even seek the musical stars of the future.

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