Tap into your creativity

young man sitting on a sofa, making a beat in the Overtune app

Our Mission

Designed around simplicity and shareability, Overtune is ideal for singers, rappers, music memers, aspiring musicians, and other content creators who want to define their unique sound and share it with the world. 

Overtune is poised to become the heartbeat of digital music creation. We envision a world where every music enthusiast, hobbyist, and professional can access high-quality, exclusive tools to bring their unique sound to life.

Overtune aims to empower users with unparalleled creative control, fostering a community of creators rather than spectators. We are committed to making music production accessible, fun, and rewarding for all.

Our new freemium model not only enriches the user experience but also paves the way for talented artists to monetize their creations.

Young woman sitting on a chair, recording her voice in Overtune app