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Easily Arrange Your Beat

Customize your beats by arranging loops in our easy to use music sequencer. Trim loops and adjust your beat length, all in a matter of minutes.

Recording voice with vocal effects
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AI Voices & Vocal Effects

Record vocals with real-time voice effects and AI filters. You can use up to four vocal tracks, making it easy to add harmonies, and other backing vocals.

Beat Pack library screen
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Don’t Settle for Beats.
Settle for Beat Packs.

Explore our extensive collection of themed sounds designed to mix fluently with whatever arrangement you can think of. Export the master and stems, while securing distribution rights.

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What Our Users Say:

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I was so amazed by the quality of the sound packs.

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Even if you just put random things together it will still sound good. That's really amazing.

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I don’t know of another app that does this, at least not as comfortably as Overtune does it.

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I immediately got hooked on this app, the tool is so easy to use.

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There's nothing else out there like it in terms of an app that's easily accessible and doesn't have a complicated learning curve.

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