That Beat Slaps: (How To Produce a Trap Track Today)

That Beat Slaps:  (How To Produce a Trap Track Today)

In the vibrant landscape of music and content creation, the year 2013 marks a pivotal moment where the lines between the two began to blur. It was a time when viral sensations like "Gangnam Style" had already made their mark, and "Harlem Shake" was dancing its way into the collective consciousness. Amidst this whirlwind of cultural phenomena, one song emerged as a beacon, offering both a playful critique and a roadmap for navigating the ever-evolving realm of electronic music production.

Enter "Phat Ass Drop (How to produce a club track today)" by the enigmatic duo known as DJs from Mars. With tongue planted firmly in cheek, this track served up a satirical guide to crafting a club-ready anthem for the modern audience. Its lyrics, delivered over a pulsating beat, laid out a step-by-step blueprint for aspiring producers eager to make their mark on the dance floor.

Phat Ass Drop was more than just a catchy tune; it was a snapshot of a cultural moment. At a time when Millennials were coming of age, discovering the power of social media, and reveling in the freedom of self-expression, this song struck a chord. Its playful irreverence and infectious energy mirrored the spirit of the times, as young people flocked to music festivals, documented every moment on Instagram, and embraced hashtags like #YOLO and #BLESSED with gusto.

Here are the lyrics for the song:

How to produce a club track today

Just follow the instructions and you'll be an electronic music producer in no time

Step number one, open your cracked software and import a random loop like this

Now you need a fat ass drop (a fat ass drop)

Here comes the clap (a fat ass drop)

Military drums

Don't forget some wobbles

Now and then, use a crash

Snare drums, can't get enough

Okay, now we need some fat distortion

More distortion

I said more distortion

Time for another fat ass drop

Make some noise with stadium horns

Take out the bass drum

Break down

Hi hats

Now it's the time for a break

Stop the beat, hit some keys

And call it melody

Now add some vocal cuts, like this

And one more fat ass drop

Military drums

Now create a Facebook page and post this crap

That Beat Slaps:  (How To Produce A Trap Track Today) 

Fast forward to the present day, and the landscape of music has evolved once again. The trap genre has risen to prominence, dominating airwaves and playlists with its hypnotic beats and infectious rhythms. In homage to the past and in celebration of the present, I have come up with a new anthem that I have called:  "That beat slaps: (How To Produce A Trap Track Today)."

In this updated incarnation, the spirit of "Phat Ass Drop" lives on, reimagined for the trap age of the 2020s. The lyrics serve as a playful nod to the past while embracing the sounds and sensibilities of the present. 

Here is my idea:

How to produce a trap track today

Just follow the instructions and you'll be a trap music producer in no time

Step number one, open Overtune and use a random loop like this

Now you need to choose your tempo and key for your slap ass beat (100-160 BPM)

808 bass

Add some crisp hi-hats

Don´t forget the snappy snares

Now add a melody in D minor

Now add some vocal samples

I said more vocal samples

Give some pitch bends

Give me some glides

Give me some slides

Now comes the hook

Repeat the hook

Don´t forget to repeat the hook

Just checking in if you forgot the hook

Add some drum fills 

Now repeat the hook

Now create a Soundcloud page and post this crap

Beneath the humor and satire lies a deeper truth: the essence of music production remains timeless. Whether it's creating a club track in 2013 or a trap anthem in 2024, the fundamentals of rhythm, melody, and creativity remain constant. And as long as there are artists pushing the boundaries and challenging the status quo, there will always be new hits that resonate with audiences around the world. So, do these lyrics resonate today? What do you think? 

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