Definition of the best

Is Overtune the best music app on the market?

Definition of the best

"Best" is an adverb which describes something that has the highest quality or desirable elements in a certain category of things.

The adverb is subjective and does most often not describe any significant truths about the actual quality of a thing, it is in most cases a personal or a certain collective feeling about a subject.This applies especially to music. Musical taste is subjective and is highly individualized. People like certain types and genres of music (and can discuss for ages the best albums and songs of all time). 

Despite this, being the best is a major part of how the music industry operates, mainly around pop music (short for popular music). All from top charts to music awards the music industry has categorized the hierarchy of the quality of music based on how popular it is (or how many people it can reach, how accessible it is). So accessibility has become the crux of musical quality for the masses. 

Music technology has progressed at a remarkable rate for the past 20 years.

resulting in a series of platforms that have moved music production from fully built music studios into the living room. Those platforms have drastically lowered cost of production, allowing musicians and music producers alike to create music from their home which has resulted in a thriving music scene on a global scale.

Those platforms are not built for the content creator with no musical background or experience. They are not accessible for the TikToker who wants to add extra spice to its content. 

Overtune does exactly that. Overtune allows the user to arrange beats, record a voice video and then share it to his socials (TikTok, Instagram, etc.). It is the music creation tool for the content creator. 

Overtune hence is the best music app on the market!

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