Announcing Overtune PRO

Announcing Overtune PRO

Get distribution rights, exclusive Beat Packs & complete creative control with stems and master audio exports. 

We are proud to announce the launch of Overtune PRO. Overtune PRO is a paid subscription available to all Overtune users. Starting today, you can upgrade your account and access exclusive Beat Packs and vocal effects, distribute your music without additional licensing fees, and export raw audio files so you can share your work in whatever form you want. 

Overtune PRO is a part of wider changes we are making to Overtune in our goal to be a simpler and more accessible music creation platform. You will find the details of all changes in this article.


Feed, Likes & Follows

The feed has been stripped and likes and follows along with it. It was a tough choice but in the end we came to this conclusion to focus our efforts instead on the music making tools and exporting functions so that you can make better music and share it with ease. 

Auto-generated videos

It’s now possible to skip the video recording. Instead, Overtune will auto-generate a video for you. Simply export your beat from the Sequencer or record in voice only mode, and a video will be generated for you.

Project-based environment

Your profile has morphed into your workspace. An easy to use interface where you can edit, duplicate, organize and share all your projects. 

Export stems [PRO]

Download your stems as separate .wav files. Simply hit the export button in the top right corner in the Sequencer or Recorder. 

Export Master Audio [PRO]

Download Master Audio in .wav file. You will find this option along with the export stems function in the top right corner of the Sequencer and Recorder. 

To try out the new Overtune experience, simply open the app and get started. If you don’t have Overtune installed, you can grab it here for free. You can also try your luck in the Overtune PRO competition. To celebrate its release, we will be giving 11 people 1-year unrestricted access to PRO features. See the details and how to participate here. 

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